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Welcome to Coast Worx

Coast Worx is a dedicated to helping carers and educators by creating simple tools to assist them with working with children of all ages.

There is a growing epedemic in our society today of children with learning difficulties including the Autism Spectrum Disdorder, ADHD; Dispraxia; Dislexia and many more.

Here at coastWorx we are making an effort to create software learning and Administrative tools aimed at attracting the focus of these children for the purpose of educating and entertaining them.

Not to be forgetton are the tireless efforts of those parents, caregivers, teachers and educators who sacrifice many hours to create picture books, activities and learning aids.

We can help.

June 2008 - Book Flip

Try out my latest Book Flip demo Book Flip Demo great for online story books!

How can you help?

CoastWorx can help by offering a range of software to increase the productivity and ease in making these aids allowing teachers to spend more time with thier children.

I'm always on the lookout for any idea's that I can shape into a desktop application or html page for parent & kids to enjoy. My two sons are Autistic & really enjoy playing around on the computer, thus my insperation.

If you've got an idea or theory on what makes a good game or educational tool please contact me I'd love to hear it.